August 2017 Update

(The post-AVCon Update)

Hi everyone! The convention went smoothly, people seemed to enjoy the game overall and I got some decent feedback

A few bugs were found, the largest one being sometimes the floor didn't have collisions when you first spawned into a level. I haven't been able to replicate it yet but hopefully in the future people will work out how to use it for speedrunning (:

The cold status effect was too brutal - I will do many things to change this. First of all, when you block a cold projectile with your shield (which currently negates the damage, but not the cold) will be changed so you block the damage and also maybe 50% of the cold effect. Also when too many "stacks" of cold status is built up it takes a very long time to dissipate, and this isn't very fun at all, I'll do some tweaking.

Early game enemies take multiple hits to die with your sword (until you level up) and I'm starting to feel like this is a mistake. The beginning "tutorial" section of the game needs to be a little more friendly. Green snakes initially die in 3 hits, which is far too many. But this makes the "ghost enemy" mechanic in early sections of the game pointless, as slain enemies only get less health. So I will also make ghosted enemies deal less damage to ensure going through an area for a second time is easier as intended.

The fish boss still hadn't been balanced properly. For the AVCon demo I simply reduced the amount of health it had by a lot, but many players still couldn't defeat it after multiple attempts because of the way it boxes you into a corner and can hit you with numerous cold attacks. I will add platforms to the arena to improve mobility of the player and change the way the boss moves to make it more forgiving.

Like last AVCon, I will release a demo of the game for everyone to download for free, but first I want to add some music and sound effects because the game is really at the point where this is important!


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