I Wanna Destroy the Station v1.1

I Wanna Destroy the Station v1.1 Patch Note

  • Moving platforms will no longer crush you against thin air
  • Touching a moving platform during time reversal effects will no longer kill you
  • Music no longer resets on death or retry
  • Fixed an issue where music tracks are missing or loop incorrectly
  • Adjusted platforming in first area
  • Reduced hp of first boss
  • Adjusted armour of final boss
    • reduced armour during laser attacks
    • applied negative armour after mechanics begin to loop
  • Added rotating platform indicator
  • Added ???

Note that v1.0 save files are not compatible with this patch

Additionally, a teleportation feature was added. Press the "Backspace" key to cycle between  certain points in the game. Teleportation unlocks are permanent, and can still be used when starting a new game

  • teleport to final zone (when main game completed)
  • teleport to ??? (when unlocked)


IWDTS v1.1 21 MB
Jan 25, 2022

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