A downloadable Challenge for Windows


  • a special power up
  • 2 fast-paced bosses
  • smooth 60 fps gameplay
  • its in space


  • arrow key - move left and right
  • shift - jump
  • Z - shoot


  • R - load save
  • F2 - reset to menu
  • P - pause
  • Esc - quit
  • Q - the fun button

v1.1 (full patch notes are here)

  • All reported bugs have been fixed (full list in readme.txt)
  • v1.0 save files are unfortunately not compatible
  • Added teleportation feature, press the "Backspace" key to cycle you between  certain points in the game. Teleportation unlocks are permanent, and can still be used when starting a new game
    • teleport to final zone (when main game completed)
    • teleport to ??? (when unlocked)



IWDTS v1.1 21 MB
IWDTS v1.0 19 MB

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