A downloadable Thinkypuzzle for Windows

What if blocks repelled and attracted each other because they were made of magnets? Lets find out!

created in 1 week for #thinkypuzzlejam2

if game crashes on load a version with shaders disabled on start is available

source code also available

puzzlescript ver by jam partner https://zithral.itch.io/miracle-magnets-ps


miracle magnets 2 MB
miracle magnets (no shader) 2 MB
miracle magnets source code (GMS1) 783 kB


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Satisfying making magnets attract and repel each other! The background effect is interesting. I appreciate all the simple levels. Though I do wish the levels were ordered by difficulty; a few felt out of place to me.

It feels like there's potential to explore with these mechanics - I know I've seen a WIP project or two with these same mechanics. But I don't know if there are a lot of magnet sokoban games out there already or not.

the level balance jank is basically due to game jam contraints, by which i mean most of my dev time was spent debugging shaders and magnet logic ><

this is definitely something i want to revisit later and spend time exploring the design space