TVDIS v1.1

TVDIS v1.1 released! A new boss stage (1-3) has been added, and an early settings menu. Configurable thumbstick deadzones to counter drift, along with a toggle for high-contrast hitbox mode, and auto-fire settings.

Star ratings for each pattern, while entirely cosmetic, give an indication for how well you are doing in terms of scoring. High uptime = more stars. A three-star gold rating can only be obtained when beating a pattern without losing a stock. Getting a gold rating in every pattern gives you a "flawless" notification on the stage complete screen.

Patch notes

  • stage 1-3 added
  • configuration menu added
  • menu stage info added
  • firing arc to boss hitbox ratio tweaked, scoring & base boss hp tweaked to compensate
  • uptime with star ratings added
  • tracking for flawless pattern completion and star ratings in highscore data
  • eater (1-2)
    • blue/red safe zone pattern: de-randomised x-position
    • petal forcefield pattern: additional bullet from inner ring of flowers


tvdis 2021-04-23 2 MB
Apr 23, 2021


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