A downloadable game for Windows

Taijou just got a new space ship, and it's time to fight demons

Design goal: an accessible and approachable shmup that anyone can play, with interesting boss mechanics that don't compromise readability

Current build: Gameplay demo with 2 boss stages

High-contrast hitbox + 1-handed controller mode enabled. (Settings menu not yet implemented)

* hotfixed an issue that could cause slowdown on windows 10

Controls (Controller)

Ship movement + Menu selection

  • Left thumbstick
  • Right thumbstick
  • D-Pad

Shoot + Menu confirm

  • (X) / (A) face button
  • Any shoulder or trigger button


  • Start / Option button

Controls (Keyboard - not recommended)

Ship movement + Menu selection

  • Arrow keys

Shoot + Menu confirm

  • Z


  • Escape


Each boss has a set number of attack patterns which you have to beat in a set order. If you run out of lives you must start over.


Get points when damaging the boss. Rewards are greater for each life in stock and beating patterns swiftly.


tvdis gameplay demo 2020-03-01.zip 2 MB


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Was this made in GameMakerStudio?


Alright, just a heads up, I experienced slowdown on Windows10 (this is common in GMS games). It can easily be fixed by setting the sleep margin to 20ms. Fantastic game tho, I just played through it and enjoyed it a lot.

thanks for the heads up!

new download with the hotfix!