A downloadable aiwana engine


  • solid and jumpthrough moving blocks that accurately push and crush player
  • standard needle hitboxes and physics (it needs testing but as far as i can tell everything works except for valign subpixels, if u want that use a different engine)
  • customisable renderers for defining visual style including outlines, autotiling, dropshadows, silhouette kid, buffers for stacking post-screen effects
  • scripts for mastering sound/bgm, loading music from external files. automatically crossfades bgm
  • 3 save-slot system with platformer menu hub
  • dedicated cancel button (default UP key) allows for easily inputting one-frame jumps or canceling upward momentum without using numpad0
  • pushblock puzzle objects and triggers
  • engine settings including autofire shooting mode, DOWN key to drop through platforms, platform snapping, 'maker' vines,
  • input manager with rebindable keys (in scripts only, no rebinding menu yet)
  • many debug hotkeys and example room
  • save system that can be arbitrarily extended and guarantee forwards compatibility
  • tijit water not included

i have not written a tutorial but my code is well commented and some basic guidance can be found in the readme & quick reference.txt and scripts/engineConfig.gml. most of the objects you need to start designing are in the 'platforming' and 'killer' folder. duplicate rTemplate to quickly build a new room

join my discord for requests, bug reports, or questions

delfruit link https://delicious-fruit.com/ratings/game_details.php?id=25729

the download link includes engine source code + standard and debug binaries

intended future features

  • keyboard rebinding
  • multiple keys bound to same action
  • gamepad support
  • music dimmer
  • seasonal items
  • enemy parent and boss/avoidance example


tijit engine 2 v1.1.zip (source+binaries) 27 MB

Development log

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