v1.2 GMS2 test build

After a quite a long break from working on Spell Kid, I took a month or so porting the game to Game Maker Studio 2 (from GM Studio 1). The game should have much better support for Windows 10-11 now, and in general run more smoothly

The most major gameplay addition is easy difficulty - You can now play with 3 hit points per encounter instead of dying in 1 hit

I wrote menus for customising controls and game options, including rebindable controls for both keyboard and gamepad

Resizing the game window regenerates font data so text should be much clearer on high resolution monitors. (This is largely untested as I do not have a screen larger than 1080p - if any issues arise please let me know!)

Pea Shooter has been reworked to be more interesting to use, and Bubble is now a laser-like jet of water that looks a lot nicer.

Because the majority of the game's backend was rewritten for this update I'm expecting there to be quite a few bugs, please message me on the Discord or Twitter if you find any problems! I'd also just love to hear what you think of the game!

edit: v1.2a added, patched a crash that can occur with old save files

Full Patch Note:

  • Ported to Game Maker Studio 2
  • Added rudimentary controller support
  • Added adaptive GUI text that scales to the size of the window
  • Added configuration menus
    • Fullscreen toggle
    • Music and sound volume
    • Gameplay settings: hitbox visibility and attack telegraphing (tracers)
    • Keyboard and controller rebinding
  • Added in-game pause menu
  • Easy difficulty added (3 hit point mode)
  • Pea Shooter reworked:
    • Increased fire rate
    • Increased bullet speed
    • Increased maximum bullets on the screen to 3
    • Has a pool of recharging ammo (max 6)
  • Wide Shot: reduced arc slightly
  • Bubble reworked: is now a laser-like jet of water
  • Power gauge HUD display no longer immediately clears on death
  • Rewrote music backend
  • Rewrote collisions
  • Rewrote ability & encounter backend
  • FIXED: many incorrect or buggy hitboxes
  • FIXED: held ability actions behaving incorrectly when stunned by knockback effects or damage
  • FIXED: rare save crash
  • FIXED: invisible shadow kid aiming reticles in rooms with a black background
  • Disc
    • FIXED: repeating sound effect bug
  • Backlash
    • Rebalanced fight slightly to reduce screen clutter
    • Encounter will need further tuning
  • Glitch Corridor
    • FIXED: devilsknife hitbox incorrect before it starts spinning
    • FIXED: broken jevil-go-round fading out speed

Known Issues:

  • Menuing with a gamepad in the keyboard binding menu will cause some inputs to not be accepted, and vice versa. To avoid this use the control scheme of choice while binding buttons
  • There is a conflict in menu controls and selecting abilities - by default dpad will both move the menu cursor and swap the Kid's abilities
  • The HUD may flicker when using the slow field. I encountered this bug exactly once, a day before release, and was not able to replicate it. Returning to the menu and loading a save will resolve this.
  • Draw order of many things is incorrect due to the way Studio 2 handles depth


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Oct 01, 2022

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