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The Kid has stumbled upon an ancient computer filled with archives of memories of long dead opponents and lost magics.

Learn new abilities and uncover the secrets of the simulation.

This game is a STG (SHMUP) with short arenas filled with varied enemies and bosses. Encounters are quite short - up to about 3 minutes for the longer ones - but Kid only has 1 hit point. Mix up your ability loadout to find the fastest or safest strategies!

See manual.txt for detailed information about controls and gameplay.

Current ver: v1.2a (GMS2 test build)

  • 13x abilities
  • 10x standard encounter
  • 2x bonus encounter
  • 1x glitch corridor encounter
  • 29 total stars to collect for 100% completion

Full patchnotes included in development log below.

There is a Discord for all players and testers. I read this daily as I am always looking for feedback, and there are places to discuss strategies, balance, and secrets.


spell kid v1.2a.zip 57 MB

Development log


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ok ima fight these gargoyles

damn this hard